KELLY-MACK (Size 1&2) Set

KELLY-MACK (Size 1&2) Set
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Tom Kelly's grandfather, O.Z. Crozier, (aka) "The Baron" of Baron Roth & Kelly started striping... mehr
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Tom Kelly's grandfather, O.Z. Crozier, (aka) "The Baron" of Baron Roth & Kelly started striping wagons & buggies for the Studebaker Bros. in the early 1900's. He then striped at the Ford Motor Co. for over 25 years through the 20's-30's and part of the 40's. In the early 50's when striping returned to cars in a custom style, I asked the Baron to stripe my friend's car and he did. My grandfather thought it might be good to go into business striping and he asked me, Kelly, to work with him, so I did. I've been striping every day for the last 53 years. The only brush the Baron and I have ever used is a #1 & #2 Mack Sword Striper from the Andrew Mack Brush Co. For all the new stripers coming into the business, don't be afraid to use a larger brush, you can do anything the smaller brush can do, but the larger brush will go further on a single load of paint.

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