Mike Lavallee’s Pictorial 5 Pc. Set

Mike Lavallee’s Pictorial 5 Pc. Set
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Mike Lavallee’s Pictorial 5 Pc. Set The finest quality multi-diameter, silky soft, flagged... mehr
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Mike Lavallee’s Pictorial 5 Pc. Set

The finest quality multi-diameter, silky soft, flagged Taklon, specially selected and blended together to achieve the performance of the best red sable, but with the durability of a synthetic brush. The ratio of our blend gives you a unique and superior capillary action in the release of color, far beyond other single diameter material offered by other manufacturers.

These brushes are very versatile and durable, and I recommend you try them for all your pictorial needs. Also, you can use the two flat brushes for some awesome dry brush effects!

The 1/2″ or Flat Brush is used for laying in larger areas of background colors, such as, sky, mountains, etc., and also for super dry brush slash effects that are very popular in the automotive paint business.

The Shader is a smaller version of the 1/2″ and is used for smaller details like rocks, trees, feathers, etc.

The Dagger (my personal favorite!) is used for a multitude of things such as long quill like strokes, tall grasses, trees, also straight lines. Just experiment with this one!

The Fan Brush can be used for rendering fur, bush, trees, water, etc.

The Detailer is used for all tiny strokes like individual hairs, small feathers, etc. 

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