Foxy Tails (M/T) Set of 6

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  • FTID01
The latest brush set to join the Tidwell family is here! This set consists of SIX new brushes:... mehr
Produktinformationen "Foxy Tails (M/T) Set of 6"

The latest brush set to join the Tidwell family is here!

This set consists of SIX new brushes:

  • Sneaky – Medium, round, pointed brush
  • Sly Filly – Small, flat, long filbert brush
  • Crafty – Medium, flat, long filbert brush
  • Tricky – Large, round, pointed brush
  • Slick – Extra long, round, pointed brush
  • Bushy – Large, flat, extra long filbert brush                  

4 out of the 6 are pretty unique. The shape, hair configuration, hair lengths, and types of hairs were tweaked to create some really cool brushes. We butchered a lot of art and lettering style brushes and tested a variety of synthetic hair combinations in order to get these exactly the way we wanted them.

Two of them are pretty traditional round, pointed brushes… but even those have unique lengths and sizes. Again, just a little Tidwell tweak on the standard round brush.

Our hope is that folks are going to find their new favorite brush that they didn’t realize was missing from the market.

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