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  • 9510A-C
A brand new genuine Stromberg 97! Every 97 comes with full installation instructions.... mehr
Produktinformationen "STROMBERG 97 CABLE CHOKE"

A brand new genuine Stromberg 97!

Every 97 comes with full installation instructions.

Super-accurate pressure die-castings from new dies, CNC-machined for a blue-print parts fit. So no oversize screw threads. No mystery parts from previous rebuilds. No problems.

An early style cast iron base with stock size – not second-best oversize – throttle shaft. Parkerized and black lacquered just like they used to be.

A reinforced air horn casting with extra material around the float bowl lid to eliminate warping and leaks.

Stock original (sea level) Stromberg jetting – 0.045 main jets and a Number 65 power valve.

162cfm out of the box (independently verified) measured at 1.5inch Hg (same as they measure 4-bbl carbs).

A new brass float, made in USA on original Stromberg dies.

Our specially developed no-stick S-Jet inlet valve.

Modern, high-tech, reinforced gaskets. Sorry, no leaks.

Stainless steel linkage throughout. Who needs rust? Not us. Our springs are stainless. So is the accelerator pump rod, the throttle linkage, choke plate, lever and more.

Beautiful investment cast stainless steel throttle and accelerator pump levers.

Correct pale chromate zinc treatment using the original Ford Service Bulletin process.

Original-style riveted throttle and choke shafts.

Extensive dyno and road tests have proved that it matches or exceeds original spec.

Number of Barrels: 2

Carburetor Flange: Stromberg 3-bolt

Choke: Manual

Fuel Inlet: Single


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