Custom Cars By Justin Kudolla

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  • TRCC2009
This is a soft-covered book, 6 ½ by 9 ½ inches in size, with 128 pages. The photos on the front... mehr
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This is a soft-covered book, 6 ½ by 9 ½ inches in size, with 128 pages. The photos on the front and back and inside covers are in color.  The photos in the book are photographed in VIVID BLACK & WHITE


THIRTY TWO PAGES OF FEATURETTES:  A look at 32 different customs.

RON GUIDRY INTERVIEW:  A Renegades Of Long Beach Car Club member, Ron's famed 1936 Ford coupe was lost in the Barris shop fire of 1957.

THE TOP 10 CUSTOMS:  Presenting the 10 Best Customs for 2009.

STYLING STUDIO:  Ace stylist Ronald O'Neal presents customizing ideas for the '50-52 Chevrolet, '41 Nash, & '53 Plymouth models.

BOOK REVIEWS:  Reccomendations on reading material for custom car fans.

CUSTOM CAR MODELS:  Presenting the modeling talents of Bill Stillwagon.

FEATURE CARS:  The Green Machine '50 Ford, Bay City Poncho '64 Pontiac, Black 'Flake Beauty '58 Dodge, Buick By Dean '50 Buick, The Best Flames Around '50 Ford.

GERALD TWAMLEY INTERVIEW:  Twamley's 1954 Chevrolet was one of the most famous semi-customs of the Southern California scene in the 1950's.

GERALD TWAMLEY'S PHOTO ALBUM:  A look back at early car shows, Southern California style.

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