Kustoms Illustrated Issue #57

Kustoms Illustrated Issue #57
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Issue #57 kicks off with a historic restored original Northwestern custom from 1957. “Tangerine”... mehr
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Issue #57 kicks off with a historic restored original Northwestern custom from 1957. “Tangerine” is a survivor that has been fully restored to perfection. It has a “little books” pedigree and was co-built by Ron Courtney who also built the famous X-51 shoebox Ford coupe. We have extensive coverage on this car along with vintage never before seen photos of both Tangerine and the X-51!

Next we have the latest custom build by Barry Mazza (the current owner/restorer/caretaker of the famous Barris-built “Aztec” ’55 Chevy). His gorgeous period ’46 Ford coupe was also done in the early-Barris style and just oozes pure traditional custom class. See it in its full color glory!

Wait until you see Curt Stechert’s Larry Watson-influenced ’56 Chevrolet! Curt built his version of a Watson style custom in just over 10 months and it will blow you away. This mild and smooth custom proves that the Watson influence will always be with us.

History? We got it! Albert Drake takes us on a Wartime Road Trip from Portland, Oregon, to Los Angeles, California in 1943 where three close friends hit the road in a drop top ’36 Ford and visit the Mecca of hot rod and custom cars. Along the way they visit speed shops, used car lots, drive-ins and more, purchasing speed and custom accessories from fledgling shops and pioneers, all during the birth of custom and hot rodding culture. First hand accounts from the guys that were there! Don’t miss this great story.

Event coverage this issue includes the outstanding Custom Car Revival in Indianapolis as well as a brand new East Coast show called the Full Custom Showroom. Guaranteed to satisfy the custom car lover in you!

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