Kustoms Illustrated Issue #59

Kustoms Illustrated Issue #59
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This issue kicks off with one of the most beautiful kustom trucks rece ntly created. Jim and Pam... mehr
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This issue kicks off with one of the most beautiful kustom trucks recently created. Jim and Pam Thompson’s wild ’53 Chevy Pickup took home the “People’s Choice” award at last year’s Custom Car Revival and it’s easy to see why. “Pearlie Mae” will definitely go down in the history books when it comes to radical kustom pickups! Check it out and get all the details in the new issue.

Next, John Hojnacki nailed it with his gorgeous ’50 Mercury coated in Cranberry Pearl. This 20+ year build was worth the wait and incorporates the best custom modifications of the era executed in the utmost fashion. Could this be the quintessential kustom Merc? You decide!

Our third feature was actually destined to be a magazine feature over 34 years ago. The photos were taken, the text was written, but for whatever reason it never saw print. That is, until now! Check out Pete Marriott’s wild full custom ’40 Ford coupe… Circa 1986!

We did manage to get one show in for event coverage this year. The Detroit Autorama was one of a few shows that was lucky enough to happen before the key chain hit the fan. Check out some of the cool customs that were featured.

We love custom history here at Kustoms Illustrated and in this issue we have two articles that showcase our beloved past. Part Three of the ‘80s kustom resurgence focuses on ’49-’51 Mercurys, and we purposely concentrate on some of the lesser-known varieties from the 1980s in “Where Were You in ’82? – Merc Madness”

Bob Whitaker was 13 years old in 1958 when he was turned loose at the San Mateo Rod, Custom and Sports Car Auto Fair with his mother’s Kodak camera. Between 1958 and 1960, Bob captured some of the best and most well-known customs that attended this Northern California show. Take a trip back in time with “Custom Scrapbook” only in issue #59 of Kustoms Illustrated.

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