Kustoms Illustrated Issue #60

Kustoms Illustrated Issue #60
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Kustoms Illustrated Issue #60 100% Kustom Finally, and at last, we are excited to announce... mehr
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Kustoms Illustrated Issue #60 100% Kustom
Finally, and at last, we are excited to announce the release of issue #60 of Kustoms Illustrated Magazine. It’s been a long haul (for all of us) this past year, so we are extra proud of this new issue featuring 100% vintage material from the 1950s and ‘60s! The magazine is now at the printer and slated to be printed and mailed no later than May 20th.
“Plymouths on Parade” is our theme for this issue and it features four different finned beauties, with three of them being printed in full color for the first time ever.
Eddie Johnson’s Tangerine and scalloped ’57 jumps off the pages and gives you a peak into the past at what could be accomplished when you were a 17 year old car-crazy kid with a new car. Similarly, Richard Hoertkorn, also 17 at the time, re-styled his ’59 Sport Fury within a few months of purchasing it new in ’59. Both of these cars went through a second stage of more radical customizing which we cover as well. Next up is a “mystery” ’56 convertible that’s, well… a mystery! Maybe one of our readers can solve it. Lastly we feature a ’50 Plymouth four door that had seen plenty of ink back in the day including a color cover shot, however, Kustoms Illustrated features the car for the first time in a later, different paint scheme in its full color glory.
Don Antonelli was yet another 17 year old kid in the ‘50s when he had his ’54 Mercury mildly customized. His Mercury made it on the cover of a magazine, got chopped and restyled, made it on the cover of another magazine, and then got rolled and destroyed. Don then joined the military. All of this happened before he turned 20 years old! Check out the full story in the new issue.
Jim Kenney’s purple ’55 Ford Crown Victoria was featured on the cover of Rodding and Re-styling in 1958 with just a brief summery inside. We’ve got the complete backstory including many never-before-seen outtakes from the 1958 photo shoot. You’re gonna love it!
Also included in this issue is the complete story on Bob Carducci’s ’48 Chevy convertible. This east coast icon has a storied history from the 1950s to the present and we cover it all here. If you love vintage kustom photos and history, this is a must-have issue!
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