Kustoms Illustrated Issue #38

Kustoms Illustrated Issue #38
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 Once again, Kustoms Illustrated Magazine strikes the perfect balance between old and new... mehr
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 Once again, Kustoms

Illustrated Magazine strikes the perfect balance between old and new and

mild and wild in issue #38! We blend important historical articles such as

the Dave Bugarin ’51 Mercury that was built at the Barris shop in the

early ‘50s. We have the third and final installment of the Bill Gaylord

Story, too. Both of these articles feature never-before-seen photos printed

for the first time, as well as important historical facts that have been

lost to time. No other magazine brings you such comprehensive stories on

the history of custom cars. As for the new stuff, we have event coverage of

the brand new, all-custom Midwest show called the Custom Car Revival. This

first ever version of the show was a solid home run that featured over 100

pure traditional custom cars. You’ll see it here first in living color!

Our event coverage continues with another all-custom show; Alex Gambino’s

“The Sit Down” in San Jose, California. You will see some of the top

notch Nor Cal customs at this show! As for feature cars, this issue we have

the incredibly gorgeous ’36 Ford cabriolet built by Jim Thompson

plastered on our front cover and centerfold. (But, only the subscribers

will receive the “collector’s card” that is inserted in the mailed

subscriptions.) This Westergard-inspired, Carson-topped beauty is making

quite the scene, and once again, we bring it to you first! “The Devil’s

Lettuce” is the mind-numbing ’49 Chevy owned by Brett Cowan and built

by Marcos Garcia at the Lucky 7 Custom shop in Northern California. Next up

is Mike Miranda’s wild 1958 Corvette that was first customized in...1958!

You want traditional customs? You got it! Check out the brand new issue of

Kustoms Illustrated Magazine today. You won’t be disappointed        


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