Kustoms Illustrated Issue #54

Kustoms Illustrated Issue #54
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Issue #54 of Kustoms Illustrated Magazine  This issue we have Rocky Burris’ ’50 Chevy... mehr
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Issue #54 of Kustoms Illustrated Magazine 

This issue we have Rocky Burris’ ’50 Chevy custom, “Blue Hawaii” on the cover and the center spread. Rocky’s Chevy was built in the Northwest, but he gave it a few Wichita touches! This is one beautiful mild custom! Up next is another Northwestern custom, but this one has a little history behind it. The Mandarin Princess is a gorgeous ’56 Chevy convertible with a radical front-end restyle that was done in the early ‘60s in Portland, Oregon. Wait ‘till you see this survivor!

Want more history? How about John Hyde’s ’57 Ford called The Caribbean Cruiser! The article is chocked full of vintage photos of this east coast kustom and was written by East Coast Custom Car Historian, Ray Soff! You’re gonna love it!

We have tons of event coverage this issue too! We got the Midwest covered with the Custom Car Revival in Indianapolis, the East Coast with Slim’s Kustom Invitational, and the West Coast with the 37th Annual Cruisin’ Nationals in Santa Maria, California.

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