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Introducing the latest brush from the Von Dago collection, the Von Dago Autograph.  We are... mehr
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Introducing the latest brush from the Von Dago collection, the Von Dago Autograph.  We are having great success with this synthetic sable hair which is also used in Von Dago’s Mini Saber and Saber Liner series.  Let’s look at what the artist has to say about this brush.

“Using my favorite synthetic hair in this brush for longevity, it’s only a mere 3/4″ out from the Ferrule. Whether it be on canvas art or vehicles, I like to personally sign my name to look like a stamp, time after time, so the public – and my peers – can easily tell who striped the car they are admiring, whether it be displayed at a car show or parked in a parking lot.

I designed this brush solely for this purpose – for absolute consistency over ‘n over ‘n over! Plus, if you strictly use it for what it’s intended for, it should last you at least a couple of years.

Now we all know you can sign a name with any type of brush, but once again – and speaking only for myself – I want absolute no stress and no hassle consistency.

I want people to be able to read my name, not guess at it, you know?” – Von Dago



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