Steve Kafka Scroller Brush

Steve Kafka Scroller Brush
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PinStriping Brush:

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Designed by master pinstriping legend Steve Kafka, these brushes will unlock the mysteries of... mehr
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Designed by master pinstriping legend Steve Kafka, these brushes will unlock the mysteries of his style and enable to user to stripe curves as never before. These brushes turn corners with ease, flow striping enamels like no other brushes, and allow the user to do design work both Kafka Style and Ol'Skool designs without the chance of “flare-out.” The sizes range from 0 through 6. They are all extremely versatile but could be considered specific relative to their size. The brushes are best used between 55 and 80 degrees to the surface of the work.

All Kafka signature series pinstriping brushes can turn corners without “flare-out” and without the user “rolling the brush”— just lift and work the tip for designs that usually take years to master. Works equally well with urethanes and oil-based enamels. Made by master brush makers to last and perform longer than any brush ... ever.

Size 0 — The size 0 brush is the smallest available. It's capable of turning very tight corners and very fine design work while still maintaining great line consistency due to the nature of design and combination of synthetic and natural hair.

Size 1 — The size 1 is slightly larger than the 0 and will perform the same as the 0 with a slightly heavier line. As with all the Kafka brushes, they perform with oil-based enamels as well as urethane striping paint.

Size 3 — The size 3 will work in a wide variety of applications from scroll striping to shorter, long-line designs. This brush will give the user greater control in all applications and flatten the learning curve for novice stripers. The size 3 is also the most used favorite of its designer, Steve Kafka.

Size 5 — The size 5, which is slightly larger than the size 3, holds more paint and will accomplish heavier designs with ease. Depending on pressure, the line thickness can reach 1/4" and fine lines to 1/16" in the other direction. This brush is a favorite for outlining larger flame layouts, cars, trucks, and semi trucks.

Size 6 — The size 6 will give you the heavier lines needed in many instances, but still can deliver delicate design work. It's used for initial layouts followed by smaller sizes for more delicate additions in beautiful combinations.


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