Kustoms Illustrated Issue #45

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Issue #45 is packed with full-color kustom goodness! Our cover car this issue is Wayne... mehr
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Issue #45 is packed with full-color kustom goodness!

Our cover car this issue is Wayne Bolon’s beautiful mild ’52 Chevrolet Fleetline coated in Lemon Drop Pearl yellow and features tasteful traditional custom modifications that will get your heart racing and blood pumping. Wayne’s ’52 recently received the Kustoms Illustrated “Award of Excellence” and you’ll soon see why when you crack open this issue.

We are proud to feature a “survivor” this issue with the likes of the old Jack Peed ’50 chopped Chevy that was built in 1961/’62. Gary Minor is the current caretaker of this historic custom that hasn’t been in the public’s eye for many years now. Check out all the details and history in the new issue!

John Norman may no longer be with us, but thanks to his wife Gloria, the ’54 Chevy hardtop he built is still cruisin’ the streets and looking great. “Memories” is a perfect mild custom with just the right amount of customizing that sets it apart and catches the eye. See why it caught our eye with a full feature in the new issue.


On the radical wild side of things, we have a heavenly ’51 Mercury convertible owned by Sam Schoenberg aptly named “Angel Baby.” Sam’s Merc took ten years to build and has rarely been shown. We get up close and personal and show you all the intricate details of this amazing custom.

Event coverage? We got it! This issue features two custom-only shows that are fast making a name for themselves. The Custom Car Revival in Indianapolis and Gambino’s “Sit Down” in San Jose, California. We also have exclusive coverage of this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance featuring seven historic custom Mercurys built prior to 1960! You’ll get the full scoop in Kustoms Illustrated!

Want more? Rik Hoving and Rob Radcliffe team up to give us a great how-to tech article on building a custom grille for Jeff MacMillian’s period perfect ’51 Mercury. You get step by step photos and captions to help you create your own custom grille.

Kustoms Illustrated… 100% Kustom, 100% of the time!

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