Kustoms Illustrated Issue #46

Kustoms Illustrated Issue #46
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Issue #46 is packed with full-color kustom goodness! Our cover car this issue is Scott and... mehr
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Issue #46 is packed with full-color kustom goodness!

Our cover car this issue is Scott and Holly Roberts’ amazing 1954 Mercury Monterey mild custom. This fresh build from the shop of Altissimo Restoration is already making a splash at all the shows and raking in the awards. We have the exclusive on it!

This issue we feature not one, but TWO survivor customs from the day. First up is “Little One” – a wild canted quad kustom 1959 Chevrolet Impala that features one of the craziest interiors you will ever see! The Joe Roth Impala, now owned by Marcus Edell, first hit the show circuit in 1961 and looks just as good today as it did back then.

Our next survivor feature goes back to the early days of customizing. There is a cloud of mystery surrounding its history, but we have exclusive information and shots of it both now and from the late ‘40s parked in front of the Barris shop on Compton Ave. Is it a real Barris custom? You’ll have to read the story to find out!

Gene Winfield needs no introduction. At 89 years old he is still turning out customs from his Mojave, California, shop in the desert. His latest is a smooth, chopped ’52 Chevy Styline built for one of his overseas customers in Japan. “Desert Sunset” features one of Gene’s legendary paint jobs and all the cool kustom tricks Gene is known for. Wait till you see the interior!

Event coverage this issue consists of the KKOA “Leadsled Spectacular” in Kansas, Mooneyes in Japan, and exclusive coverage on Sweden’s premier event: “The Old Style Weekend.” Rik Hoving brings us his images and words on the event and even includes “show within a show” coverage of the Annual “Custom Car Line-up.” You gotta get a copy if you want to see what it’s all about!

As we have from the beginning, Kustoms Illustrated also brings you coverage of kustom cars in scale. We have the results and photos from “The Golden Age of Kustoms Model Car Challenge.” This exclusive multi-contest event encompassed four different Southern California model shows that culminated at the GNRS show in January where the 8 finalists competed for “Grand Champion.” Wait till you see these miniature masterpieces!

Kustoms Illustrated… 100% Kustom, 100% of the time!

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